Subscription Cancellation Policy

Cancelling a subscription

A subscription can be cancelled at any time without penalty or further charges.

Subscriptions set to expire

When a subscription has been cancelled but has not yet expired, (set to expire, but has not reached the end of the current payment period), the Subscriber can continue to use the Career Cloud Service in its full capacity.

Expired subscriptions

Once the subscription expires, all job posts created through the subscription will also expire. Employers will continue to be granted access to their Account Dashboard with full access to their data including expired job posts and job applicants. Cancellation will only suspend the ability to view the Resume Database and post an unlimited number of new jobs to the Career Cloud website.

For accounts with an inactive/expired subscription, new job postings can still be created using purchased Credits. Each credit is redeemable for a single 30 day job posting.


Neither full or partial refunds will be issued for cancelled subscriptions.

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